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(29075) 1950DA  ▹ 
Date MJD σ σimp dist ± width stretch p_RE exp. en PS TS
yr-mo-day (RE) (RE/σ) (MT)
2880-03-16.992 373033.992 2.121 0.000 0.05 ± 0.001 7.56e+2 1.42e-4 1.09e+1 -1.36 n/a


Based on 541 optical observations (of which 6 are rejected as outliers) from 1950-02-22.230 to 2015-11-18.506.

Coordinates are given on the Target Plane
Unit is one Earth radius, but impact cross section has radius between 1.28 and 1.28 Earth radii

Coordinates for LOV = EQU scaled= T second= F

OrbFit software version= 5.0, 31/10/2015 Date of computation=20151203 142326.559 CET

Note that this risk table has been computed by using information coming only from optical and radar astrometry, without considering any a priori constraint, in particular on the Yarkovsky effect, based upon models and physical observations, and by using the Line of Variation method. The value obtained for the A2 Yarkovsky parameter is -5.99+/-1.3 10-15 au/d2. The results have been obtained using the new operative version of the OrbFit Software, namely OrbFit5.0. The new software includes the debiasing and weighting scheme described in the paper Star catalog position and proper motion corrections in asteroid astrometry by Farnocchia et al. (Icarus 245, 94-111, 2015), and the DE431 version of JPL's planetary ephemerides.


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