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The same services as NEODyS for all numbered and multiopposition asteroids.
ESA SSA-NEO Coordination Center
The ESA SSA-NEO Coordination Center is the European Space Agency Center for the Segment NEO of the Space Situational Awareness program. It is located at ESRIN (Frascati, Italy).
NASA's NEO Program site at Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Another good introduction to NEO's. This site is written for the layman, so it has a highly accessible description of the problem and what is being done about it. Includes an excellent listing of future encounters with Potentially Hazardous Asteroids, as well as the Risk Page provided by the complementary JPL's impact monitoring system, Sentry.
The European Asteroid Research Node is an informal association of European research groups active in asteroid research.
The Spaceguard Foundation
An association aimed at the protection of the Earth environment against the bombardment of objects of the solar system.
The Minor Planet Center
This is the center designated by the IAU as the clearing house for astrometric observations. The MPC is responsible for receiving, checking, and disseminating the observations.
The International Astronomical Union NEO Page
Description of IAU policy and recommendations for how to handle announcements of potential impacts.
The International Astronomical Union NEO Theme
Description of what the normal practice is when a Near Earth Object is discovered and what part the IAU might be seen to play in this process.
Tumbling Stone
An online magazine with news and tutorials on Near Earth Objects. Sponsored by NEODyS and by the Spaceguard Foundation.