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(410777) 2009FD  ▹ 
Date MJD σ σimp Distance ± Width Stretching IP Exp. En. PS TS
(year-month-day) (RE) (RE/σ) (MT)
2190-03-30.077 121029.077 -4.807 0.000 0.57 ± 0.000 1.49e+3 5.56e-9 7.98e-7 -7.25 n/a


Based on 514 optical observations (of which 17 are rejected as outliers) from 2009-02-24.366 to 2019-04-15.171.

Coordinates are given on the Target Plane
Unit is one Earth radius, but impact cross section has radius between 1.22 and 1.22 Earth radii

Coordinates for LOV = KEP scaled= T second= F

OrbFit software version= 5.0.5, 20/04/2017 Date of computation=20190705 065217.015 CET


The astrometry collected during the 2019 apparition provides information on the trajectory of (410777) 2009 FD and significantly constrains the Yarkovsky effect. The Yarkovsky parameter A2 is estimated from the fit to the astrometry as (7.3 +/- 1.7) 10-14 au/d2.

The results contained in this impactor table are based on the Line Of Variations method generalised to the 7-dimensional space of the orbital elements and the Yarkovsky parameter and are presented in detail in Del Vigna et al. (2019).