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(29075) 1950DA  ▹ 
Date MJD σ σimp Distance ± Width Stretching IP Exp. En. PS TS
(year-month-day) (RE) (RE/σ) (MT)
2880-03-16.992 373033.992 2.121 0.000 0.05 ± 0.001 7.56e+2 1.42e-4 1.09e+1 -1.36 n/a


Based on 541 optical observations (of which 6 are rejected as outliers) from 1950-02-22.230 to 2015-11-18.506.

Coordinates are given on the Target Plane
Unit is one Earth radius, but impact cross section has radius between 1.28 and 1.28 Earth radii

Coordinates for LOV = EQU scaled= T second= F

OrbFit software version= 5.0, 31/10/2015 Date of computation=20151203 142326.559 CET


The results contained in this impactor table are based on the Line Of Variations method generalised to the 7-dimensional space of the orbital elements and the Yarkovsky parameter. The Yarkovsky parameter has been estimated from the fit to the astrometry as (-5.99 +/- 1.3) 10-15 au/d2, so that no a priori constraint based upon models and physical observations has been used.